Camera ip PTZ home camera - home monitoring - home alarm

Camera ip PTZ home camera - home monitoring - home alarm

Appearance and application

This is a typical rotary camera. Appearance resembles a dog for this often called her.
It is made of very good quality plastic, someone may think that there is no better quality and worse, plastic is plastic.
And yet plastic plastic is not equal, holding this camera in hand, we feel that we are dealing with a very good product.
The quality of performance on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give 11.
This camera can be put on a desk, dresser, shelf, but thanks to the handle that is included, we can also hang it on the wall, ceiling.
The camera is great for securing the home, the store's office as well as for viewing dogs, cats, etc. You can buy the camera in our online store home camera.

What makes it deserves to be honored?

Kamera domowa obrotowa

First of all, as I mentioned, the quality of workmanship.
The ability to rotate remotely using an android phone or ios. We can rotate the camera left / right, up / down.
The ability to connect the camera wirelessly, and the LAN cable
The camera has a built-in speaker and a microphone
Micro SD card slot, the camera supports cards up to 64GB
Image in FULL HD -1080p quality
Ability to work in AP / router mode more information here .... Wifi IP camera section WiFi camera operation mode

A home camera as a home alarm

IP camera is used for monitoring, but not only. Our camera can also be used as a home alarm.
How to do it? After buying the camera and connecting it according to the instructions with the router, you already share only 2 clicks from setting the camera in alarm mode.
Exactly as we have a camera added to the yoosee application, or yyp2p, we enter the camera settings.
From among the various options, select "alarm settings". Enable -> "Receive notification", and -> "motion detection".
Also remember to enable protection in the camera view. This is described in detail in the instructions on page 37. yoosee camera manual
Alarm domowy Ustawienia alarmu

That's not all, the camera can also after sending an intruder send you a photo by e-mail. Configuration is also very simple, for example, the gmail mailbox is already configured, just select it, enter our @ address and password.

Preview via the Internet

After configuring and connecting the camera with the router, we have access to it via the Internet. We can connect using the yyp2p, yoosee and the cms client computer. We can download the applications from the play store, and a computer program from here .. CMS Client
We also remotely access files on the card. You can browse them on your phone, and you can download the computer in addition to browsing.


The home camera will work great both in home and business for the office and store. The price of 245 PLN for a full hd home camera is adequate to the quality and function we get. Very easy configuration of the camera, and the menu in Polish, makes that regardless of age or technical skills, everyone should deal with connecting it and configuration.
Technical parameters available on the store website home camera.
If you have any questions / suggestions, write in the comments or send to us via the contact form in the footer.

Kamera domowa

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