Camera yoosee

Camera yoosee

External camera yoosee - appearance and application

The presented WiFi external camera is considered a high-end camera.

The camera casing is all metal, the foot of the camera is separately mounted and we can assemble it in two ways. We can screw it from the bottom or from the top, which gives us greater room for fixing the camera.
This external camera sold on our website is already with a micro SD card that is mounted inside the camera.

kamera yoosee mocowaniekamera yoosee instalacja

As you can see in the above pictures, the camera has a very functional foot screwed from the bottom or top, so we can fix the camera in different conditions depending on the requirements.

kamera z trybem nocnym

Night mode

The outdoor camera has 36 IR LEDs, which gives us an even better picture at night.

Of course, the camera also has a twilight sensor - that is, it automatically switches to day / night mode.

The range at night is estimated at 20 meters without lighting.

Połączenie kamery po kablu

Connection of the camera via WiFi and cable. Camera can be connected to the router after WiFi, as well as the RJ45 cable. As you can see in the picture on the right, we also have a reset / change mode button, power input and RJ45. Technical data is available on the website of our store outside

Is it possible to connect an external camera after POE?

Due to frequent questions about whether an external camera has such an option, I decided to briefly describe this possibility.
Unfortunately, a typical connection after this camera does not have, but we can get around it in a very simple way described here. - Camera connection after POE

What will we get in the set?

In the set, we will receive a ready-made IP external camera with a 32 GB class 10 card with a power supply. Our help in setting up the camera as well as a guarantee of satisfaction

You can also download the camera's start / configuration instruction from here - Instructions for the external camera

Onvif protocol support

The camera has an onvif protocol on the 5000 port, i.e. it will work with all IP camera recorders that also support this protocol.
The Onvif protocol itself is a kind of standard that was created so that devices from various camera manufacturers and recorders could be connected.

Remote access to the IP camera

As in the case of the ip camera described, for example, in this article - the internal camera here, we also have the option of previewing on the phone and computer.
We have access to the computer via the CMS Client available for download here - Download cms client
Below I present a preview of the CMS program on the computer and the yoosee application on the phone.

Podgląd zdalny z cms klientPodgląd zdalny z yoosee


The camera is dedicated to all people who value convenience and image quality, both during the day and at night. The configuration is simple and anyone who can install the application on the phone, can handle the configuration of the camera.

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