Cheap Monitoring

Cheap Monitoring

Cheap monitoring for everyone

If someone does not have the money to order a company that will perform a professional monitoring installation, or would like to perform such an installation by yourself, then I invite you to read the following article.

At the beginning, think about what budget you can spend on monitoring. To illustrate how much it can cost monitoring that we will do on our own, I will describe it on the example of monitoring for a detached house.

Monitoring for a single-family home

We know that we would like to be sure of monitoring on each side, so we need a minimum of 4 IP cameras.

Choosing an ip camera

The cost of cameras can vary between PLN 200 / unit and up to several thousand PLN for a camera. However, our assumption is cheap monitoring for everyone.

I have been installing cameras for several years and I know that more expensive cameras do not mean better, the most important are the features that cameras have and whether there is a service in Poland. If you purchase our IP cameras, you can be sure that even after the warranty period there is a possibility of service in Poland and you can count on a quick repair, also for big money. But all you need is the same advertising and let's get to the details. If you would like to have a preview of these cameras on your phone as well as your computer remotely or locally and do not need advanced features ptz - camera rotated with zoom, it is enough such a FullHD IP camera, you can ask for what this camera is not cheaper eg. Camera hd? The choice is obvious, for not a big amount difference we have a FullHD camera, so we will have a wider angle of view from the camera, so we will see more. FullHD camera has many options, including twilight sensor, motion sensor, alarm with notification on e-mail or recording on ftp.

What to look for before choosing an ip camera?

If you decide to monitor it, you have to think about connecting the tz camera. will the camera be connected on the cable or on the wifi, if we already have the façade located on the house, most do not want to spoil the appearance or there is no idea how to hide the cable and decide to connect the camera on Wi-Fi. Of course, this is not an error and you can connect the camera wirelessly but in any case we have to provide power and you need to check if the camera is sufficient wifi signal to make the camera view smooth. How to check the signal I described in this article Wireless IP cameras.

Do we need anything else?

In the set with the camera you will receive the power supply and instructions in the Polish language you can download the attachments tab from the camera website. So it remains only to attach the camera to power and enjoy cheap monitoring. Simple Truth?

How much will the company take for such monitoring?

If someone chooses a company that has to drive up and mount such cameras, depending on the difficulty of the installation, the price for the service will vary from 1 thousand to 2 thousand, and they always install their cameras which are not the cheapest and the total cost of such monitoring it can close up to 5-7 thousand zlotys.

How much will our cheap monitoring come out in that case?

A simple summary, 4 cameras cost about 1000 PLN + lan cables if we connect on a cable, let's assume 200 meters of cable, cable meter costs about 1.50 / running meter - external cable Lan is resistant to atmospheric conditions, that is about PLN 300 if we also want to release this cable POE adapter for 4 cameras need 4 pcs, cost 13 PLN / pcs = 52 PLN and that's all, the costs of installation by the company go away.

The whole is a cost of PLN 1350 - hardly anything? If you decide to buy more expensive cameras, you can buy one camera or you still have to add one.


The implementation of cheap monitoring is the most possible, but you have to do it with your head. If you buy some cameras that you will not have a website in Poland and one of you will fall for example in a year, it may turn out that there are no such cameras on the market and you will have to buy another camera on another application not necessarily better.

if you have questions, feel free to ask, I always try to advise.

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