Home monitoring via the Internet

Home monitoring via the Internet

Home monitoring via the Internet?

A lot of people have a problem in choosing a home camera. Below I will try to help you choose a camera for home conditions with the possibility of online viewing.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a camera.

    1. Of course, the budget

    2. What are your expectations about the functionality of the camera

    3. Where the camera will be mounted

    4. Distance of the monitored object from the camera

    5. Camera support in Polish / English

Budget for an IP camera

In my opinion, for a home or office, shop, there are no professional cameras that cost 300 or 500 $.

So what are the differences between cameras that are more expensive than those cheaper?

In most cameras, the price includes the brand - we pay for the company, and only later for its functionality. Cameras of companies that are already on the market for a long time, sometimes do not differ in functionality from cheaper cameras that also meet the basic function necessary for secure monitoring.

Client's expectations and the functionality of the IP camera

Very often customer expectations are not excessive, it is enough to be able to preview on the phone and the recording was on the card after motion detection. You do not need expensive cameras to meet such requirements, eg a yoosee camera that we can buy from PLN 235 meets all the criteria. It often happens that the client decides to buy a more expensive camera, but he does not use half of the function because they do not need it.

IP camera connection

A very important element is to think or check before buying where the camera will be finally mounted. The idea is that if you connect the camera wirelessly, there was a sufficiently strong WiFi network. In the case of poor connection, the camera can often be offline. The second thing is power, the camera without electricity will not work, so you need to check if we are able to provide 220V in the place of camera installation.

The distance of the camera from the monitored place

Most of the cameras have a 3.6 lens, which allows monitoring of the facility up to a maximum of 20 meters. It is worth checking if sometimes we do not need a camera with an 8mm lens to zoom in on the monitored area, or buy a camera with a zoom.

Support for IP cameras on your computer and smartphone

It would seem that nowadays English is no longer a problem for anyone. And yet, there is still a large group of people who choose IP cameras only if the service is in Polish. We respect it, for this we always try to ask people who call us for advice or English is not a problem. Thanks to this, we narrow down the search area from a dozen or so cameras to several. all our cameras have the possibility of monitoring via the Internet.


If after reading these hints you still do not know what camera to decide on, please contact us. We always try to help you choose the camera as well as the configuration. Below are some simple choices.
Camera selection based on the price:

Kamera zewnętrzna do monitoringu


If we want a cheap camera with the possibility of recording on the card and the application in Polish, then we need an external camera yoosee.

Camera selection based on quality:


Domowy monitoring przez internet


If we need a camera made better visually, and also with a card in the set, and an application in Polish, I recommend this camera with an external ip camera.
This camera already has a card in the set and is made entirely of metal.

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