WiFi IP HD Yoosee camera

WiFi IP HD Yoosee camera

WiFi camera - appearance and application

The WiFi camera will be presented below, along with its main advantages and application.

If anyone is looking for a wifi camera for your home, for the plot, garden, etc. this camera will work for people who do not pay attention to the housing but appreciate the picture quality.

Why am I talking about housing?

The housing is made of plastic, which at first glance can be associated with cheap Chinese. This is not entirely true. The WiFi camera inside has a very good image sensor, thanks to which the picture given in HD is really clear - without pixelosis.
Thanks to their lightness, our customers assemble these cameras also inside buildings, screwing them to the ceiling coffers.

kamera yoosee opis kabli

At the end of the camera cable there is a Lan Rj45 socket, thanks to which we can connect the camera to the router via a cable, but the camera also has the possibility of wireless connection via WiFi.

The camera also has 24 IR LEDs that do a good job. The image at night is really good at a distance of up to 10 meters without any lighting or up to 20 meters in light lighting.

Twilight sensor hmmm what is it? So with this sensor, the camera knows when to switch to night mode and when in day mode.

At the end of the cable there is also a reset button more about this button below.

Modes of the WiFi camera operation

Many people have asked me what it means that the camera has 2 modes of operation, so I will try to describe them briefly.

Operating mode AP - the camera sends its own wifi network in this mode and we can connect to the camera using a telephone / computer without connecting the camera to the router. This is a nice option for someone who does not want to connect to the Internet or there is no technical possibility, for example, on a plot. Not a daunting disadvantage of this solution is the distance, - we can only have a preview if we are near the camera and connect to its WiFi network.

Router mode - connect the camera with the router wirelessly or over the cable and we have access to the camera from every corner of the world, as long as both the camera and we have access to the Internet.

At the end of the cable there is also a button with which we can switch the camera from one mode to another. The same button is used to make the factory settings of the camera. To make such settings, just press this button and hold it for about 16-18 seconds.

center of the camera

kamera ze slotem na kartę micro sdInside the camera there is a slot for a Micro SD memory card. The camera supports 16GB, 32GB and 64GB cards, best of class 10. The Micro SD card must be class 10 due to the speed of recording, if you insert a card of inferior quality it may turn out that the camera does not record. It is true that in order to insert the card we have to unscrew the camera, but believe me, it is not complicated, the procedure itself is easy and pleasant :). However, be careful not to tear the cables,

Preview image on your smartphone.

ustawienia kamery yoosee

First of all you need to have a smartphone with android or IPhone system and install the yoosee or yyp2p application. .

Using the phone on the above mentioned applications, we have access to a variety of settings. As you can see the application is in Polish, so I will not describe that you can change the date or display information about the camera.

Useful functions

Security settings - Unfortunately in the newer application, this option is no longer available, but if someone would like to use the old functionality, I invite you to contact me, I can send the application in the old version

Alerts settings - in this menu you can set up notifications, by phone or e-mail. Very useful function - if you leave home for the weekend, set the camera in the mode of notification on the phone. For example, if someone approaches your home, you will receive an express notification and you can see who is around the property. Of course, this solution will work only if the camera has access to the Internet as well as your phone, to which such notification is to come.

Preview files from the card

Through the application on the phone, we also have the option of viewing the files stored on the card and all this remotely. We do not have to remove the Micro SD card to view the files. The only downside is that if we want to download these files from the card, we must use the computer on which we have to install the CMS Client application. It is available for download on our Ozikam.pl website.


In summary, the described wifi camera will work for people who do not want to throw away money for professional monitoring, and appreciate the clean picture as well as the ease of use.

As for the price, we can buy a camera for only PLN 225. I think the price is not excessive, I would even say that in exchange for the features we receive it is ridiculously low.

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